We offer the following services:

  • Mastering for CD (Red Book, DDP)
  • Mastering for iTunes
  • Mastering for digital high resolution
  • Vinyl mastercut
  • Mix consultation
  • Transfer from vinyl to digital
  • Transfer between various media
  • Audio restoration


  • Mastering : 120.- CHF/h
  • Editing : 120.- CHF/h
  • DDP File : 100.- CHF
  • ISRC Codes : 3.- CHF/per code

Usually mastering a track takes aprox. 30 minutes. So per example mastering 10 songs takes about 5 to 6 hours of work.

Small Budget Mastering:

If your budget is thight, please contact us to find a affortable solution for your project.

Accepted file formats: WAV AIFF max 24 bit 192 khz / Audio CD / DDP / DAT / MP3 / 1/4” analog tape / 1/2” analog Tape on request

Vinyl Cut

When the “cutter on”-button lights up, the lathe is running and the lacquer smelling, then we are cutting another great sounding vinyl master. Centraldubs is known for taking particular care to all productions and for making your record shine. For best results on vinyl, we offer either a full mastering service before cutting, or direct adjustments during transfer. We will be happy to support you in any aspect of your vinyl production.

We offer the following mastercuts for vinyl production:

  • 7” Single (A+B): 220.- CHF
  • 10” Record (A+B): 350.- CHF
  • 12” LP 33 rpm (A+B): 450.- CHF
  • 12” Maxi 33/45 rpm (A+B): 450.- CHF

Referenze Master Plates:

  • 10” Referenze Plate (A+B) 120.- CHF
  • 12” Referenze Plate (A+B) 150.- CHF

120.- CHF / hour additional cost will be charged for:

  • necessary data transfer
  • mastering on request or where technically needed

Returning customers get a 10% discount on Vinyl Mastercuts.


We cut Apollo Dubs and on request Apollo Reference Lights

  • 7” Dub 33/45 rpm (A+B): 80.- CHF
  • 10” Dub 45 rpm (A+B): 100.- CHF
  • 10” Dub 33 rpm (A+B): 120.- CHF
  • 12” Dub 45 rpm (A+B): 150.- CHF
  • 12” Dub 33 rpm (A+B up to 30 min): 150.- CHF
  • 12” Dub 33 rpm (A+B up to 40 min): 170.- CHF

Referenze Master Plates:

  • 10” Referenze Master (A+B) 150.- CHF
  • 12” Referenze Master (A+B) 250.- CHF

Perfectly locked grooves (loops) are possible.
All prices without shipping

Additional costs:

  • 30.- CHF for express cutting within a maximum of 48 hours
  • 120.- CHF / hour for Mastering on request or where technically needed

AAA - Cutting from Analog Tape

AAA stands for pure analog signal chain (recording, mixing, mastering). We offer cutting vinyl masters and dubplates from ¼-inch tape without any digital processor in the signal chain. For a true AAA vinyl release. Please contact us for further information.

Direct to Disc

The Direct to Disc Recording is a recording process where the Vinyl master is cut from the direct recording signal. Back in the early days of recording, this was the only way to produce records, since there was no tape machines or computers to capture the sound. These days it is a way to express music in a very unique manner. The signal goes directly from the microphone(s) to the Vinyl master. No digital converters, no tape machine in the way. Everything is done in realtime. Every sound and every mistake will be heard on the record, which makes it a magical experience. Preparation and performance is everything when it comes to direct to disc.

Cenraldubs is offering Direct to Disc Recordings in collaboration with Influx Studios next doors:

Please contact us for further information, pricing and bookings: / Adi: +41 76 596 28 13

Studio History

Centraldubs studios was founded in 2001. In the first years, the studio was a pure dubplate cutting suite popular among reggae/dancehall soundsystems, drum’n’bass DJs, and electronic music producers. The “quick and dirty”-approach of dubplate cutting gave us the ability to rapidly judge mixes, spot the imbalance and find a remedy with a few touches. With time, the customers’ desire to cut vinyl masters and to obtain digital backups increased. Centraldubs evolved from a raw dubplate suite into a sophisticated mastering studio with Adrian “Adi” Flück as main engineer, Rea Dubach and Sebastian “Sebi” Zwahlen as associate engineers. Today, the studio accommodates industry standard equipment for mastering and monitoring, innovative features in the disk cutting system, and well-trained ears.

Equipment list:


  • PC Wavelab
  • DAT
  • Studer A 812 1/4” Tapemachine
  • Telefunken A10 1/4” Tapemachine (Vinyl Mastering Version)
  • Studer A730 CD Player
  • Studer A721 Casette Tape Deck


  • Merging Technologies Hapi w. Mastering Grade AD/DA
  • Crane Song Solaris Reference Converter
  • Crane Song HEDD 192

Analog Processing

  • Neumann Passive Mastering Eqs PEV
  • Neumann Passive Hi Lo Cut ht 66
  • Neumann Active OEDuo 2x Modiefied to 1db Stepps
  • Neumann Passive Elyptical EQ
  • Maselec Precision EQ MEA 2
  • Buzz Audio REQ Mastering Equalizer
  • Tube Tech SM2BM Mastering Multiband
  • Maselec MPL-2 Limiter/De-esser
  • Maselec MLA2 Stereo Optical Compressor
  • Fairchild 670 Vari-Mu Compressor (UTA Rebuild)
  • Hand Crafted Labs HCL Varis Vari-Mu Mastering Compressor
  • Dangerous Audio Bax EQ
  • Antelope Clock

Digital processing & Plug-Ins

  • Algorythmix
  • Sonnox
  • UAD
  • Weiss Saracon
  • Acustica Audio
  • Tokyo Dawn Labs
  • Kush Audio
  • Fabfilter
  • Izotope RX
  • Maat Eqs
  • Weiss Limiter

Disc Cutting

  • Neumann VMS 70 Cutting Lathe
  • Flokason Dialba Cutterhead
  • Neumann SX 74 Cutterhead
  • Ortofon Amps GO 701
  • Vinylium Pitch 98


  • Croockwood Matrix and Monitoring System
  • B & W 800 Nautilus
  • 2 x Classé CA M400 Amps (Monoblocks)
  • B & W Laptop Speakers
  • AKG “Auratone” Single Driver Speaker


Adi Flück: +41 76 596 28 13

You can find us here:

Centraldubs GmbH
Wasserwerkgasse 5
CH 3011 Bern


To send us your files by post use the following address:

Centraldubs GmbH
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CH 3000 Bern 13


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